Eating in a Buffet Restaurant

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Just got home from Seoul few minutes ago. This is the dinner I am talking on my scheduled blog published this afternoon. We left here around three o’clock arrived home around ten o’clock in the evening, I wonder if this is our advanced Valentine dinner (hehe). Anyway we have buffet meal….all you can eat steak, sushi, sashimi crab, cakes, ice creams and numerous other dishes. I feel very full and my stomach gonna explode in a minute Pookie bear still had take-out of Baskin’ Robbins in the terminal he was not able to eat ice cream in the restaurant because it is getting late we need to catch bus to go home.
Anyway I did not wear the  violet clothes, instead I wore a pants and black Natasha blouse “Crescent” and the gold Natasha sandals “Mesmerized”. Darn it seems my feet are now bigger because it hurts, cannot even walk good. As far as I noticed I am the only one wearing an open sandals while all of the ladies are wearing winter boots.

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  1. chubskulit says:

    Ayan sumakit tuloy ang paa lol..

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