Eating Jajangmyun in Chinese Restaurant

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Last night hubby reminded me we need to shop for our daily goods, I am the type of person who don’t want to get out the house without bathing first. So I have told him to let me shower first, to cut it short while I am wearing my flat sandals and looking for some shopping bags to carry  it is not free in the supermarket but he told not to carry anymore we’re just going to get it there after going to the bank. He also added he is thinking to dine outside, it seems my ears flapping. So I said that means I need to be beautiful (laughing).  Hubby said “I said I am thinking” to kill my excitement. Anyway I am not very extravagant or fashionable , I just wear a lip gloss that makes me beautiful. Hehehe

So we walked to the bank, which is a bit far because the branch near us is under renovation. After it, we walk along the street looking for a good restaurant. We’ve seen a Chinese restaurant but again kind of hesitated to get inside because of language barrier. So we decided to walk and look for another one. Then hubby is eying for a specific restaurant he said he saw it when arrived here from Seoul last weekend. I don’t have an idea what he is talking about, He said he saw some sushi there, we end up near the Kim’s Mart without finding the restaurant he wants. I have told him to walk back the bus station which he beg to disagree, I am having a hint that the restaurant he is looking is just there. I won by walking ahead of him, and guess what the restaurant he is looking was really there.

We didn’t end up having dinner there but instead to the Chinese restaurant we first found. Hubby was at ease when he saw the menu with an English translation, he told me black noodles ( Jajangmyun)is good which he first tasted last Friday when he had lunch with his old students. I am quite hesitated to have it because it might taste bitter because its black. (lol). I told him before we get inside I want rice, so when he asked me what I want I told him just like his order which is the black noodles.

But after a while he asked me if I don’t want a rice with chicken, thinking that he is going to order two dish for me I said yes I like it. To my dismay, he ordered one black noodles, one  fried rice with chicken, sweet and sour pork and the fried dumplings. Just one? That’s what I asked him when the server left after taking our order? He replied back that he thought I don’t like black noodles and what am I expecting two dish for me? Well that’s what I thought! Anyway the meal is awesome, I am just thankful that the fried rice tasted good so I did not have a tantrums for not having  a black noodles. Hubby was too kind to let me taste the black noodles anyway, which I enjoyed and keep asking for more (lol).

Black noodles or Jajangmyun is cooked with black bean paste. After dinner we shopped goodies.

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