Eggs, Pork Adobo and Spaghetti Sauce

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Who can guess what is this meal?  I chased Pookie bear just to take picture of his meal. Lol, its a mixture of every thing err I mean eggs, adobo and spaghetti sauce with pepper.

He asked me to fried 11 egg whites with two yolks for his evening meal upon seeing his fried eggs Pookie bear immediately return to his laptop with one lips pointing up ward. Why? He said he asked for fried white egg and not scrambled. What did I done?  I cut  the egg whites in the pan using the spatula., lol.  So when he is acting like he wont eat the eggs I told him its the same because he is also going to chew the food, he said its not same.
Anyway he still ended eating the eggs after asking me if he can have some of my pork adobo. Looking at the photo it looks like he is planning to eat his meal like an omelet, he is going to stuff the adobo and spaghetti sauce using the roll of egg whites but sad to say the egg whites are already turn to pieces. Better luck next time sweetie!

2 Responses to “Eggs, Pork Adobo and Spaghetti Sauce”

  1. Anne says:

    I wonder what does it taste? πŸ™‚ visiting you from my blog list

  2. *josie* says:

    it's a sort of mix and match, but I think adobo taste will prevail. hahaha, thanks for visiting and congrats to your new food site..

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