EMS Rates from Korea to Philippines

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With the allowance I am receiving from my husband I have money to spend on my personal things and treats when I am hungry and craving for chocolates. My favorite store to visit when I have already my monthly allowance is Watsons and Missha, I love shopping at Watsons and Missha because they are always on sale from shampoo , lotions, moisturizers and many more.

EMS Korea Rates

With my habit of buying beauty products on sale, I didn’t notice that I have collected a lot of them. I am not really that vain to use all the products, lotion and shampoo is enough for me. So what I did is to send those extra items home, the post office woman gave the EMS price list to me when I keep asking about the rates, as I am planning to host a blog giveaway. It was a big help, instead of asking every time for the price when I have to send a box home I can just look at the price list and control/track how much money I am going to spend for a particular weight. The rates went up explaining why I have two price list, the second booklet is the new one. I asked for one copy when I saw it on her table.

EMS Rate Korea

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Above is the EMS price-list and below is country by region.

EMS Region
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