English Dentist in Icheon

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Living in a place where English is not there first or second language is quite hard sometimes, especially when you can’t speak their language. Well today we had an appointment in the dental clinic, I went there to set an appointment and we had it done tonight. We had teeth scaling, it was been one year maybe since we had it.

We just transferred in Icheon from Seoul few years ago when I need to see a dentist, my husband told me to go to Seoul to have it done but it’s quite far for lazy me, so I went around downtown and look for dental clinic. I wrote their contact number and gave it to my husband, Jade his co-teacher call them to find who has an English speaking dentist. To cut the story short I had an appointment on Apple Tree Dental Clinic where I met Dr. Choi, he speak good English and it was not a problem telling him what I want. Since then, when we need teeth scaling, dental check-up and tooth extraction we set appointment to him.

Apple Tree Dental Clinic is just across Dunkin Donuts, it is 3rd floor of Trugen and Korean Dress.

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  1. One of the Filipina I met in Korea was married to a dentist, sa Masan ata sila nakatira.

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