ENT Check-up for my Father

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Today, my sister accompanied our father to the hospital where my mother has been confined so he could have a check-up I can’t because I have to look after our mother at home, his been complaining about his ears for almost a month already. The hospital has a specialized ENT doctor and the doctor’s finding – my father’s ears were too dry, maybe because he overdo the cleaning. He clean his ears every day and every time it itches, I have decided to have my father’s check up since he I have heard him a few weeks ago complaining that there is something ringing in his ears and then these past few days he can’t hear well that I have to repeat anything so we could understand each other.

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My father doesn’t want to go to the hospital because he is thinking about the doctor’s fee since we are financially down at this moment but I have told him he should go right now while it isn’t so serious yet and asked him that when is he going when he is totally deaf already or in need of operation. I also reasoned out that we are going to save more if he went immediately than later, I handed extra money to my sister so he could also bring my father to an optometrist since he is almost blind without the $1 reading glass from the street but when they went home they were not able to get a pair of glasses for him.

My sister had told me that after doctor’s fee our father has almost a thousand of pesos medicine prescription for a week for his ears and a follow-up check-up after a week so the ENT doctor could see if something improved on his ears after the medication. They didn’t buy the prescription yet, they went to the optometrist  and they found that it cost a thousand of pesos too. My sister went home to ask if what to do so I have told her to buy the prescription first and we will just get pair of glasses for our father when we already have funds for it. It was the right decision isn’t it?

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