Escaping the Living World by Playing Zombie Tsunami

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Playing online games is very entertaining that’s why there are some people who were addicted in it. It is one way to escape reality and live for a moment without a worry, to build a life which is different from the real world.

Well, I have stopped playing games online a long time ago when I realized how time consuming it was, instead of working and finding opportunities online I spend my time for something useless.  But recently, I found myself playing online games again.  It started when I have nothing else to do since the internet connection isn’t good, I borrowed my sister’s phone (originally my phone which I handed down to her since the wifi radio button is already broken), she installed games to this phone to make it useful by downloading apk online through her laptop and then installing it to the phone. I started playing Zombie Tsunami on her phone, at first I don’t know much about the game, all I knew I hate the zombies because they are keep dying and it is hard to manipulate them. Then one day, my sister informed me that I can install any android games into my laptop by using an app that can emulate an android system, it turns out she already had one so I asked for the installer and installed it on my laptop and with her help I have find out how to play Zombie Tsunami, it turns out it has to be played with a mission and it isn’t just a game where you have to run, eat people and avoid obstacles.

Zombie Tsunami

Since then, I played Zombie Tsunami and able to achieve several trophy’s in the game but after a while my family, told me to stop playing it because I am becoming a zombie too, my eyes are dropping and the black circle in my eyes are getting bigger than usual. Honestly, I am not too addicted with the game, I just found it very entertaining because by playing I forget my worries and I have no time to think over something.  It consumes my time and it gives me a thing to be busy without sleeping as early as 7pm because when I am playing I can’t track the time anymore, I am not aware what time is it, I’ll just be surprised it is already evening or it is already late in the evening and I only have few hours to sleep.  Playing the game helps me to escape reality and create my own world, a world full of zombies!

Well, I’ve decided to uninstall the game when it is becoming boring and when I am running out of coins to upgrade my zombies, I reinstalled it and I started all over again and this time I tried to play wisely.

Zombie Tsunami is developed by MobiGame, a game that is fun-packed thrill-ride of destruction, excitement and tasty brains!

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