Eye Clinic in Shinha-ri

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Life became so busy for me these past few days, I have client to attend, writers to wait and bloggers to follow-up and when I am finally free from stress I felt so tired and exhausted.  I had a terrible headache that cause me to vomit what’s in my stomach, looking at my laptop causes eye strain and add more pain to my head.

Eye Clinic Icheon

When I can’t take it anymore I went to eye clinic near us, I took the single chance that the optometrist  maybe can speak English but I am not lucky he can’t speak and understand English, same as me I can’t speak Hangul nor understand. Oh well thanks to Google Translate installed on my phone and everything went well, honestly before I came in I have already translated “eye test, eye check-up” in my phone so when I have asked if he can speak English I just handed my phone and he guided me to the machine to check how bad my eye problem is.

I was told that I have many visions which mean my eye problem was not that severe but I really wanted to have an eye glasses when I am using my laptop so I have told him about it, we tried different lenses while reading the ABC’s. Every time he changed the lenses on the eye glass that he asked me to wear, he will ask me “Bright?” well I think he speaks little English ah.

Anyway to cut the story short, we choose the frame that will look good to my face. The optometrist was very helpful when I asked him if it looks good or not, I choose an eye glass with square frame, light and scratch free. I pay 100,00o won for the lenses and frame, discount is included.

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