Face to face with the clouds

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It is a rainy Friday today here, it is too dark outside. Here’s my entry for today, taken inside the plane during Christmas day, yeah right Christmas time and we are traveling. We spend our last  year Christmas vacation in Sri Lanka, if you want to know what’s to see over there just hop in to my travel blog.
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5 Responses to “Face to face with the clouds”

  1. Greyscale Territory says:

    It's a great feeling actually being up in the clouds as you fly! Lovely shots!

  2. Kramer says:

    I love to see that image, a jet's wingtip, means it's travel-time.

  3. Manang Kim says:

    I love to watch clouds too when I am up there. It's pretty right? Happy weekend!

    SWF:Fiery sky

  4. Laura says:

    such a lovely view from high above the world.

  5. Dani says:

    amazing skies…

    Have a joyous weekend!

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