Failed to See Solar Eclipse Yesterday

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My mother and sister went to town to pay some bills yesterday so while I was left alone at home I spend my day browsing and reading online, I read my horoscope and interpret pieces of my dreams, I can only remember a bit of my dream when I wake up in the morning that is why it is hard for me to blog about them. Anyway from my Facebook wall  I have read some statuses about solar eclipse so I immediately went out with my camera but what welcomed me is the scorching heat of the sun, I guess I was too late but it leaves me to wonder because a friend status says “at the moment and as it happens”.

Taking picture of the sun wasn’t easy, how much more looking at it directly. I wore my eye glasses and shades together but it didn’t help and when I wore the shades that my mother uses when watching movies, it works that I am able too look at my camera’s screen.

Well, I guess the solar eclipse wasn’t that much visible since my family who are in town didn’t even notice that there is solar eclipse happening, as what I have read it is was to be partially seen in the Philippines.

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