Family Dog Jihoo: A Sad Goodbye

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We care our dogs as part of the family, our little baby and the source of entertainment when we are down.  I have blogged a few days ago that Jihoo, our family dog is sick. He stopped eating for unknown reason and just two days ago he left to dog heaven. It was very saddening my family misses him so badly because he is a sweet lovable dog.

Sleeping Dog

I first met him when I went home for vacation because Jihoo didn’t see me before and not familiar with my smell he keeps barking at me and doesn’t want me to be near him. As I am the one who feed him and walk him around when he needs to Poo he eventually likened me and doesn’t bother anymore if I put him in the head or hold him from time to time. What I missed about him is when he knew he did something wrong he will hide his head somewhere as if he is ashamed or afraid to be punished.

The picture above was his last picture taken before he got sick. 🙁

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