Farming in Odiongan

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This a small field my father had started farming, his family owned this. This is a field of stones. My father started planting here last year.

In eight siblings of my grandma, yearly one sibling has the right to plant rice. Before it was done by partners, two siblings in every year but because it just a two rectangle of field it is not enough, especially those time there’s no water to supply the field. No irrigation, nobody in the family used to plant rice in a two rectangle field near the pepper farm that field was pawned many times. But things changed around the middle of the year 2007 when the irrigation were finally made.

It was year 2008 when my father thought of farming, because it was his term to plow the field. With high aspirations, my father hope for a good harvest so little by little he saved some from his carpentry earnings so he can started to make the field ready.
As you can see at the above picture, after plowing you have remove the snails before you can plant rice…it is a hard job.

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