Farmville Collections

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After the fuel disappear from mystery eggs e.g. golden eggs, Farmville return it again, thanks for that.

Anyway Farmville has this new collection to be completed, at first it feels very hard to complete this collections like the Gardening, Bugs and etc., but playes were too wise to think of a good strategy how to get these unlimited collections, I have been busy since this morning collecting my rewards 5 fuels, 5,000 coins and 250 XP, I can’t count anymore how many times I have completed the Gardening and Bugs collections. It is so much fun but tiring, I am so happy that my fuel reaches thousand again. If you are interested how to get unlimited gardening and bugs collections just leave a comment below..

Update as of 5:30

The glitch is not working anymore, zynga fixed it I supposed, so sad πŸ™

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