Filipino Style Ice Cream Sandwich

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One night my husband asked me to buy something to eat in GS25 aside from buying an ice cream for both of us.  While looking at store fridge I have found another flavor of ice cream knowing my husband will pay for the other ice cream I bought another one for me. When he saw three ice cream he get mad thinking I will ask him to pay the other one, lol.

Anyway you may not familiar with this but this is common in our province the poor version of  ice cream sandwich. It is simple as you can see just ice cream between the buns.  Most dirty ice cream vendor has this version which is very popular among elementary students and even high school students too, it is also popular when there’s  a town or school affair like fiesta, provincial meet and etc.,

When my husband saw what I am doing, he laugh and called me barbaric and asked if it is poor mans thing in my country. Well I said yes and it is popular in the street, this taste better than eating ice cream in the cheap cone.

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