Finally My 100th Coffee Stick

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What’s new? Well I wake up early today at one o’clock in the afternoon, early than usual time two o’clock in the afternoon.  After turning on my computer I went to refresh my breath morning then back to normal routine surfing the net and visiting the daily sites, I am type of person who doesn’t eat immediately after waking up so it’s normal. After a hour I decided to make a cup of coffee for me I am the only one who drink coffee here and finally the 100th stick last today it’s my last stick  so when I told my husband we need to buy coffee he told me to savor it as it is my last stick. It took me almost seven months to finish it, we bought it last May. I went to the fridge to get the fresh milk while waiting for the electric kettle to finish its load, I immediate pour the “milk” into my cup and then realization came, what the heck since when cold water became milk? Darn instead of getting the milk what I got is our water pitcher, just too lucky that I am thinking of milk when I poured it so I only drop a small amount because if I am thinking of hot water instead of enjoying the last stick of my coffee I will be pissed off for sure. Anyway I think it is explainable because I am used of getting the water pitcher in the fridge rather than the milk. Have you experienced that situation, where instead of getting something you need you pick up the wrong one?

I’m glad to hear that the winners of my previous giveaway already got their gift prize, it’s a success even there’s only 28 bloggers who joined.  I have thought my prize is not worth it that’s why only few people joined the said giveaway but upon reading the blog post of the winners a realization came to my mind it is worth it, their thank you makes me happy and at least I know this Christmas I made a difference compare to last Christmas. Congratulations again, thank you and  your welcome!

I am planning to host another giveaway next year so just watch out for my upcoming post, don’t know when anyway,  maybe on Valentines Day or Graduation Day. Haha, what a dork announcing it on advance!

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