Fish cake a streetfood in Korea

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I am feeling a little bit fine today except having an itchy nose. Anyway yesterday I have to go out to buy onions, banana and milk. I also dropped by to the nearest post office to ask  for the postal rate, quite entertaining because the lady can only understand a little English and I have to act or draw in the air  before she can get it. 

Anyway going home I stop on some food stall along the way, where I always see kids eating. I am always fascinated on what they’re eating that I want to try it myself, as exploration.

This is what I got fish cake, they’re usually in a stick. This is a very popular street food in Korea especially on winter. If you see a lot of Koreans group in a tent you already know what they’re eating, fish cake with a hot soup.
Fish cakes are easily found in many Korean markets or supermarket I have try this before but I fried it I thought it is cook like fish ball or squid ball. Lol! The first time I ate fish cake in stick is in Busan while waiting for the bus.
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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    i always heard fish cake in korean novela, masarap ba talaga? ay grabe kailan kaya ako makarating sa korea, really like them =)

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