Flowers: Makes your day colorful! : How True it is?

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When you feel sad and blue, flowers can help you gay.
That’s what the saying says but …
It’s been a two days since i wrote about my life, I just hope everybody is going to listen with me. I have a problem to deal with.

It is almost one month since my father has no work, as what I have told before he is a carpenter and he is the only source of our living. If no work , no food. It is hard to live this kind of life. And like what I say I am with my husband, I have no problem regarding what to eat because he feed me well. My problem is my family in the Philippines, since father lost his job, they are striving very hard now to live…maybe still lucky that last season we have few rice sacks(father plant rice because it was his term to plant, it ends last june), but because it is always raining in the Philippines (rainy season) they cannot make the grains dry to be milled. My mother has no work, so no one will help them. My sister is studying, she need everyday allowance going to town. Not like when I am still there,I have a work even I only get a small compensation.

My additional problem is my father he needs to be check-up, my sister told me one day that his left chest is growing and I don’t have money to support it or my family has none. In our province, medical facilities is poor (Romblon). I have ask my husband to lend me some amount so I can send it to my family, but he just laughed and says “How could you pay me? You don’t have a work?” It sucks, it really hurts, I burts crying last night…I feel so weak, hopeless and helpless….I don’t know what to do. I guess you understand what I feel, you cannot let something bad happened with your family. You love them more than you love your life, you will do anything for them. That’s what I feel…

I am looking for work online, but regarding with my visa here in Korea (i am not allowed to work here, I can work but illegaly). So I am looking a work in China, even online job or the data entry job I am looking for it. I also started blogging so I can earn with adsense, but how long it will takes so I can send money to my family, they need to eat, my father needs a medical care. I am so lost, I can’t stop my tears… I want to do something but I don’t know how. I never stop praying…

So help me God!


P.S. Anybody knows other way to make money online?

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