Food that makes you fat on weekend

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Last weekend Pookie bear and I decided to make our own  burger rather than going to Lotteria to buy one. He wants it to be juicy so when I told him to mix some flour or eggs he didn’t want the idea he don’t want fillers to his burger patties. So we just mix ground beef, black pepper and salt and fried it without oil. Excuse us but we don’t have burger bans so we used wheat bread instead, his sandwich burger is different from mine. He just used the patties, onions and pour some mustard on it while mine has cheese, onions, mayonnaise and pickles which make it really juicy and yummy.

The next day I cooked a macaroni spaghetti, I made a special sauce for it I mixed the ground beef I have kept, sausages, onions and black pepper together with ready made spaghetti sauce.  I am the only one who ate the 500g macaroni, so it last long until Monday.

4 Responses to “Food that makes you fat on weekend”

  1. mona says:

    i love macaroni spaghetti =)

  2. dcats24 says:

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  3. Silvergirl says:

    sarap naman yan :0

  4. haward says:

    I like to eat burger..

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