Forgive, but not Forget!

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Just a thought of sharing this, I found it on one of a blog from one social network I am member of:

The statement that we often hear. And this is a reality
which can not be denied, because a big lie when
someone who has been hurt either slightest incident can also be forgetting
it. Just do not forget the difference should not mean that in mind

Did you know that in general we will be much easier to be
forgive an enemy than to forgive people we love.

At the moment we have not been able to forgive automatic events
painful it will always haunt us day and night.

But once we can forgive, could sleep quietly and not be
more disturbed by nightmares. Forgiveness is not meant to
forget about it or admit that what they’re doing it
true! Not at all, which one still wrong and can not be justified,
difference only when we forgive means that we do not want to remember

Offhand, that hurt me for years, would be forgiven
is granted, as well as hot maxim removed by a year
rainy day! Herein lies the mistake of thinking you!

The main advantage of forgiveness, rather than for the guilty
to us but to ourselves. Through forgiveness we can
release the entire burden of our pain and stress that weighs
and torturing us for months, even years.

By forgiving, hearts and minds can be directly off
from all this heartache load! Ask yourself just the same, whether you
pleased with the punishment you feel up to now
this? Each time he thought the incident as well as wound
salt and vinegar given continuously, so that where, wound
inner pain will continue and until any time will not be
can be cured! Panacea of the inner wounds that really there is only cespleng
one is: Forgiveness!

The principle of life that I hold is: I will not be able to change the
others, but I can change myself. I will not be
change the feeling of people have hurt me, but I can
changing my own feelings with forgiveness, because forgiveness is
is a choice.

Forgiveness is a choice that can only be determined by your own. For those who can not and will not forgive, then they will be tortured, because his inner thoughts and will always be dirty, besides the relationship with the guilty will always remain so bad that his inner wound up at any time will not be able to be restored again.

Funny but true, we are willing to sacrifice it all started from time to money to be healed, but our inner pain we still maintain. Besides, to be healed not need to pay either in money or time.

Who can forgive people’s mistakes is a good person, while that can forgive and forget one’s mistakes is a
a wise man, but people who can forgive and forget mistakes
person “before” the person apologizing is a person who has
divine nature.

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