Frontierville New Zynga Games

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I thought I already lost my addiction to Zynga games, I already stop playing Cafeworld and Farmville but due to public demand I played Farmville again, gifts from my neighbors is pouring into my account that makes me play.
I thought that will be the only Zynga game I am going to play but just few days ago I found myself busy not into blogging or earning online but playing again a Zynga games which is Frontierville.

Frontierville is also like farmville where you going to plant, earn coins and horshoes equivalent to FV cash. In FrontierVille, you’re going to  tame the wild and create your own special homestead and town. In order to build a thriving frontier town you must first gather the proper resources and clear your land by chopping lumber trees will give you wood  while harvesting fruit trees, animals, and crops can give you food, coin and energy. After you do some chopping and harvesting, you’ll have to begin constructing buildings to found a town on your very own FrontierVille homestead. You won’t be alone you’ll have a spouse, and a family to raise too but you need to be careful on chopping woods and cleaning weeds you’re going to found a bear, snakes and a ground hog. You need to scare them which requires to use energy. In frontierville you have a goal to achieve not like in farmville you can do what you want, you cannot be married without completing a goal. The only thing I don’t like on this game is feeding my animals they are always hungry when you feed them it uses energy..

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