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It has been established that Philippines is one of the country with poor internet connection. I’ve been using pocket wifi for a year already, it was a great experience rather than going to town and went online through internet cafe’s but I need more other than being connected, I need fast internet so I can use laptop and do my freelance work online. The connection was great early in the morning but later on it changes and it came to the point where we can’t follow anymore the time where the connection speed up.  So most of the time my messages were send late because they were just stuck up in my outbox waiting for a decent connection, I also received messages late and there are times there is really no connection. In order not to waste the internet load, we always end up going to town and staying near the shore so we could use the remaining bandwidth, it was not a great experience because I can’t do anything online, I can’t update my blogs nor upload pictures.

Globe Broadband

When I was told that I can try using broadband connection with router I was given a hope. It was a gamble, it might not work or we are going to have a good connection. When I had the money for it, I reserved a slot and pay a down-payment for ₱3,000 ($66.67), and after few days the antenna that will be used enhance and boost the signal of the broadband was installed together with the Globe broadband box and router, it didn’t work out well on the first try so they returned the next day. It didn’t work out because I found out when I went upstairs one of the guy didn’t plugged the antenna in the broadband box, when we plugged it the internet speed is overwhelming.

Globe Broadband Connection, Globe Wimax

When they returned the next day, they fixed our connection and tried which network provide fast internet speed, Globe or Smart, to try it we have to put load on both sim cards.  In the end, Globe provide good internet connection but the unfortunately the sim card we’ve been using with the pocket wifi doesn’t work so we’ve used Globe prepaid sim card. My laptop was directly hooked up in the Tenda router using a cable and the rest will be connected using WiFi, when everything was fixed I completely paid the remaining balance of ₱4,000 ($88.88) + ₱150 ($3.33) for the extra cable, to sum it I paid ₱7,650 ($170) for my broadband connection.

Tenda Router

The connection was definitely good compare to the pocket wifi, I can connect to the internet during the day using my laptop unlike the pocket wifi I can only use my mobile phone.  With my new connection I was able to updates my blog, read news and stories online, I can also watched some YouTube videos but like the pocket wifi the internet connection was not also unlimited it has also a limit of bandwidth to use everyday, I guess it was also 800mb per day because were using the same network but the difference even we received a notification of exceeding the limit we can still surf online in slow connection using android phones.  We are told to use proxifier to avoid exceeding the limit and receiving messages from the network but I don’t think I can afford extra expenses in my situation right now and my debit card is near on expiring which I still don’t know if I can renew it. Anyway, we are told by the shop owner which is a distant relative will let us borrow his proxifier when it was returned to him and so far it was been weeks already we have no news about it yet.

The broadband connection is a good one, since we started using this we don’t need to go town anymore just to connect with fast internet or to look for strong network connection. We can now use the internet in the comfort of our own home and I can work online now without bringing laptop to town.  We are using prepaid load, it cost ₱50 ($1.11) per day we chooses this because  is quite slow if you are registered for three days  for ₱120 ($2.78).

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4 Responses to “Globe Broadband Connection”

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  2. Teejay Park says:

    Your post was quite informative.

    I experienced hell in many places of Phil. including Cebu and Sagada.

    Unlimited 1000 Peso Smart data pocket wifi was frustrating compared with relatively comfortable internet environment in Korea that I’m used to.

    Tks for the posting.


    • admin says:

      Thank you. Yes, internet in Philippines is really frustrating unlike in Korea even public wifi is overwhelming. Connection over here always depends on the network or the signal strength, I think connection is faster if you’re near the network satellite. LOL. Thanks for dropping by.

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