Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi

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Going home after travelling for 6 months doesn’t excite me a lot thinking I am not going to be connected to a fast internet, internet is my life. I work online and thinking how complicated and hard to get online every day made me so depressed. On the first few weeks I have to go to town and stay in a park just to use my laptop for few hours with the help of internet stick.

Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi

Later on, was so glad when we discover about pocket wifi. It started when we borrowed my cousin’s wife pocket wifi, she’s been doing a sales talk about it for so long but my mother won’t buy one since she doesn’t need it too often but since I need a good connection when I arrived home, we tried the product before getting our own just to make sure we are not going to waste money by buying something we can’t use. We are impressed when it works well during wee hours when everybody is asleep. It was not a problem to me because I am used of being awake until the wee hours. It was like that for few months and then we noticed the declined of speed. We’ve changed sim card, but still the speed is not like the way it was before so when I need to work with a faster connection we went to town to use the internet.

Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi is reliable, it has strong connection depending on where you are. The bad side is the  limit when you overused the bandwidth, it has a limit of 800mb per day it is not unlimited like the way they advertised it.

Upgrading to Globe Broadband Connection

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