Going Home to Icheon

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When we arrived at Express Bus Terminal Station it was around 10:45 in the evening, actually we get lost for a minute because there’s two line for bus terminal, so sad that there’s no more bus left for Icheon. Last bus left at 10:10 in the evening, hubby was kind of pissed of because he don’t want to stay and sleep in the terminal to wait for another bus tomorrow. We asked the guy outside the counter if he knows what is the last Bus going to Icheon in Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, he said around 11:30 in the evening so hubby and I run like hell going back to the subway station hoping to catch up the last bus in Dong Seoul. Dong Seoul is 36 minutes from Itaewon and around 30 minutes from where we are. We arrived at Dong Seoul Bus Station at exactly 11:25 in the evening, so unfortunate that there’s no bus going to Icheon again.

I asked him what we are going to do, he said don’t want to wait and sleep in the terminal so he asked me if I brought my ARC because we are going to stay in a hotel, going out at the exit door of the bus terminal some taxi driver’s approached us. We said Icheon and they said a price, at first it cost 50,000 won but when they saw our address in a piece of paper because we have to make sure we have the same place on our mind. The fare goes up to 70,000 won take or leave it. Hubby take the price even I told her it seems high, he said it’s just the same price if we are going to stay in a hotel. The good thing with that price is when can go home and rest without thinking that we need to catch a bus again the other day. After one hour and few minutes we arrived in our home sound and safe.

I found the picture above so cute, hubby is scratching his head thinking where to get fare for the taxi (lol). He is so cute at the picture like a little boy, hehehe.

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