Good Friday Dinner at BAIP’s Coffee Yard

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Holy week, after watching the holy procession in town, we have decided to dine in at BAIP’s Coffee Yard located in the nearby barangay. The coffee yard is famous with their appetizing food and colorful milk shakes.

When we came in at the front area where there are about two-three tables, there was no server around and it seems the place is a bit full (they still have room at their inner side, but you can’t fully see it from the hallway),  someone who knew my father offer their table since he said they are about to finish. We don’t  know if we should just barge in without the servers knowing, because we might not be seen right away when the place is busy.

In most restaurants I have been too locally and abroad, most restaurant has an usherette who welcome and guide their customers where to sit (which is very helpful for first time customers who doesn’t know how the restaurant works like), and even if they doesn’t have one there is someone from the counter/servers who will do the job or very smarty to do so but I guess everyone is busy. Gladly, one server tending/bringing food into a customer’s table went out and she saw us stalling, she guided us to a vacant table which is just vacated at the back yard.  There are other two other families waiting for their meal when we arrived, we are given their huge menu board, when my mother saw the prices she feels like walking out (hahaha).

We ordered the BAIP’s Group Meal which consists of six rices, six pieces fried chicken, one sisig platter, one pancit and a mason drink for ₱795 (this group meal is actually good for six persons) and three jars of milkshakes (Chocoloco, Rocky Road and Oreo) for ₱145 each and since sweet drinks isn’t allowed for my mother she got Cherry Frozen Iced Tea ₱90 for herself.

The food was served in about thirty minutes right after our neighbor table got their food, as we can hear from them, they have been there for so long and their food wasn’t served yet too. Anyway, their food was great, the chicken were juicy and the pancit was flavorful, but their sisig is just in between and their milkshakes were worth trying for, they’re very stylish and decorative. We are quite full on our meal that my mother has to takeout out the leftover chicken, I guess the milkshakes made us full.

If you are looking for a good place which is out of Odiongan town, BAIP’s Coffee Yard is must visit. It is  located at Brgy. Poctoy, Odiongan Romblon just beside Poctoy Elementary School and Bracelli School. It started as a simple coffee shop in a yard, but as of today their coffee shop/restaurant  has been upgraded to bigger and larger food place that can accommodate more people, when we visited the second floor wasn’t in used.

BAIP’s Coffee Yard
Coffee Shop · Restaurant
Brgy. Poctoy, Odiongan, Romblon
Call 0936 968 0409
Hours Open: 2:00PM to 11:30PM

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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