Grand Opening Sale

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The best thing when shopping is when all items were on sale.
After throwing our garbage to the community bin, I saw a pamphlet beyond the stairs, as usual it is for store or food places pamphlets I just picked it up. It is normal here in Korea, you can see a lot of pamphlets and ads sticked into your door. I left it on top of our microwave, and then I have been busy to anything, later that day my husband saw it and got interested to look at it. He said it is supermarket grand opening, he is wondering where it is because he cannot understand what he is reading in the map. I just told him as a guess that it is the building in the store where two people were singing and there’s a lot of flowers., they’re been singing for three days at first I thought it is just our neighboor singing videoke we just found out that it was in the street when we went to Itaewon. Hubby said we’re going to look for their items, because it is really cheaper. So we did after few hours, it is
an underground supermarket, even it already late at night there still a lot of shoppers, mostly with a full cart. We just roam around, and look for what we want. We already had our shopping last Saturday so we cannot make a double shopping, but been tempted upon seeing low prices so these what we got. There’s a free container? the green “palanggana”. (lol)

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