GT: What’s inside my bag?

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 Another day to share something to girl’s this Thursday, actually I feel hesitated to post something today with the theme “What’s inside my bag?” I guess I am the only girl in here carrying a knapsack bag where ever I go.

To start with, that’s old bag (brown one), it became sore to my hubby’s eyes so he asked me throw it together with my travel luggage ,way back when we are leaving our old apartment. We had a lot of fight about leaving my bags in the end he still won.  He promised me to buy a new bag and I am patiently waiting for it until now.

Anyway here’s the bag I am using right now. It is newly bought when I took photo of it, I bought it from Sri Lanka during our Christmas visit last year. My mother in-law gave me some Christmas money to spend so I can buy what I want that time. 

So here’s what inside that bag, a lot of small notebooks, pens, my old and new passports, USB and USB connector, my wallet, some pamphlets, my yellow vaccination card, battery charger and my camera, the vanity kit is not there, won’t fit on my screen (lol).
You’re not going to wonder why my bag is now broken upon seeing this stuff inside my bag, I almost bring our home.  

Because it is broken, I look for  my shoulder bag from the dark corner of our closet. Into hubby’s dismay, he asked me what I am going to do with it. He said he won’t allowed me using this bag, because it looks like his old grandmother  bag. If I will use it he won’t allow me to come with him he added.  Lol! He is so mean, actually this bag is also an eye sore to his eyes, this is the only bag I saved from the trash because he also want to throw this bag. 
This bag is a product of Sundance, one of the bag I brought from Philippines. Actually I don’t like bringing this but my mother put it on my luggage.This the only one that can fit on my  luggage because most of my bags are bigger where you can hide your cat inside.

4 Responses to “GT: What’s inside my bag?”

  1. Vernz says:

    hahahahah!.. oo nga parang sa lola… ano ba Ryhanne wala bang bag diyan sa Korea… dito nga sa Agdao may Korean store… ahahahah… so cute kung sako si hubby tinapon ko na tapos buy siya mas malaki at designer pa … hehehehe…

  2. yuuki says:

    better late than never

  3. niko says:

    super dami ng laman ng bag!! weeeeh. apir tau jan hihi kc ganyan din ako hahaha

    By the way, Kaye of Beauty Queen Gene is the new host of GT starting July. Hope you can still play along with us.

    Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Have a great week ahead! =)

  4. By MelCole of PA says:

    Cute nang shoulder bag, prehas tayo, back pack rin sakin πŸ™‚

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