Guard Changing Ceremony in Red

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If there’s Blue there’s red, so here’s my entry for Ruby Tuesday. Still taken in Gyeongbukgong Palace, we really waited until the guard changing ceremony is done.

At the entrance gate, I am bit of mad that time because my husband don’t want to take photo of me beside one of the guard.

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5 Responses to “Guard Changing Ceremony in Red”

  1. HOOTIN' ANNI says:

    Such bright, vivid colors!! I would like to know more of the history of the changing of the guards. Interesting.

    My Ruby Tuesday is "Skipping Rocks" – a sculpture. Come by to view if you have time today.


  2. maritz says:

    hello site..xlinks?

  3. Magical Mystical Teacher says:

    colorful soldiers,
    clad in red, yellow and blue—
    keeping royals safe

    Ruby (sort of) Graffiti

  4. Reg says:

    This is so amazing. I love the ceremony that is always involved in these things

  5. Manang Kim says:

    Oh my gush the costume are so colorful!! Love it!

    RRT~Red Hollyhock

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