Guard Changing Ceremony

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Happy Fathers Day to all Dad out there especially to my father and father in-law. Yesterday my husband asked me to send Father’s day e-card to Dad, it took a long time before he approved my choice.  I just greet my father by texting it, because they’re not gonna see the e-card anyway, they don’t have so much time to get online because my sister’s class schedule is not good and too tight to accompany them.
Anyway this my entry today for Blue Monday, as you can see there’s two kinds of blue in my photo. Taken in Gyeongbukgong Palace  while they’re having a guard changing ceremony that you’re gonna hate yourself if you missed it. We are lucky that we are on time to visit Gyeongbukgong Palace.
Blue Monday Instructions

7 Responses to “Guard Changing Ceremony”

  1. Jingle says:


  2. SmilingSally says:

    It does take some time to find the RIGHT e-card, but I think it's worth it. However, texting is done by most everyone.

    I like your blues, Ryheanne.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Manang Kim says:

    Wow I like the color of their costume and they look serious ^_^ Happy Monday!

    Anything Blue

  4. LV says:

    What an interesting post for today. I enjoyed seeing something that takes place in your country.

  5. ☺lani☺ says:

    Nice, I would love to visit Korea soon!

  6. Nanna says:

    nice post ! Happy Blue Monday

  7. Briarside Lane says:

    Great photo… love their "guard uniforms?" It is so nice to visit around the globe via blogs! ~Karen

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