Hamsters as Pets

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The kids of my first cousin have hamsters as pets, my sister asked for a pair for her own. She was given two pairs of hamsters, since we have no proper cage for the hamsters they were just kept in an open plastic fruit container.  Time flies and they were very healthy and older, we decided to separate both pairs when one of the female hamsters gave birth but due to unfortunate event, the baby hamsters didn’t even lasts a day.


After few weeks the second female hamster gave birth to eleven baby hamsters, and she is nurturing them well. Some of our neighbors already asked for a pair for them to pet and we said yes since we can’t take care all of them.

We are also planning to give hamsters to my kid’s cousin, since their hamsters died.  The mother hamsters went missing after being taken out from the cage and since nobody will nurture the baby hamsters died afterwards.

We actually don’t know what happened until a neighbour kid asked to borrow a hamster for school project, she told us my cousin’s son asked her to do it.  After long deliberation we found from our grandmother what happened and the real reason why my cousin’s daughter and not the son is asking for a hamster.   Our grandmother’s guessed is maybe my cousin’s daughter told her teacher about having hamsters at home so the teacher asked for her own hamster to take care but their hamsters are all gone and since those time our hamster are still young and no babies yet we told our grandmother we can’t give them a pair of hamsters yet since what we are having is still the pair that were given to us.

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