Happy White Day

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Happy White Day everyone, it’s time to give some chocolates to your hubby dovey…
What is White Day? Does only white people celebrate it?
White Day is a day celebrated in Japan on March 14, one month after Valentine’s Day. It is also observed here in South Korea and Taiwan.
In Japan, Valentine’s Day is observed by females who present chocolate gifts (either store-bought or handmade), usually to a male, as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. The handmade chocolate is usually preferred by the receiver, because it is a sign that the receiving male is the girl’s “only one”. On White Day, the converse happens: males who received a honmei-choc (“chocolate of love”) or giri-choco (“courtesy chocolate”) on Valentine’s Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts, usually more expensive. Traditionally, popular White Day gifts are cookies, jewellery, white chocolate, white lingerie and marshmallows. Sometimes the term sanbai gaeshi literally, “thrice the return”) is used to describe the generally recited rule that the return gift should be two to three times the cost of the Valentine’s gift.
White Day is also observed in South Korea, with an additional later Black Day observed for those sharing singleness.

White Day was first celebrated in 1978 in Japan. It was started by the National Confectionery Industry Association as an “answer day” to Valentine’s Day on the grounds that men should pay back the women who gave them chocolate and other gifts on Valentine’s Day. In 1977, a Fukuoka-based confectionery company, Ishimura Manseido , marketed marshmallows to men on March 14, calling it Marshmallow Day
Soon thereafter, confectionery companies began marketing white chocolate. Now, men give both white and dark chocolate, as well as other edible and non-edible gifts, such as jewelry or objects of sentimental value, or white clothing like lingerie, to women from whom they received chocolate on Valentine’s Day one month earlier. If the chocolate given to him was giri-choco, the man, likewise, may not be expressing actual romantic interest, but rather a social obligation.
In case of our situation, I am the one who gave him a chocolate last Valentine’s Day and he treat me on VIPs Steakhouse during the night. And now Korea is celebrating White Day and he is the one who gave me chocolate’s and a little bear, thank you Sweetie.
These past few days, Sweetie buy anything what I want..maybe he is trying to console me because I am depressed having a misunderstanding with a cousin…but we are ok now because she also admitted her mistakes.
Just wanna say Thank you to one person who gave me inspirational message and lend her shoulder to cry on. Thank you so much…


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  1. hyanne says:

    @ Greyscale Territory –> Thanks, I also don't know about White Day before my hubby just told me and you can also see some greetings on some stores here

    @ Mrs. Kolca–> Thanks Ateh..same to you!

  2. Greyscale Territory says:

    This is a great post! I have learnt something because I have never heard of White Day! And love your photo!

  3. Mrs. Kolca says:

    aww sweet.. happy white day!

  4. Marice says:

    oh ive heard about that white day πŸ™‚ interesting tradition! u may view mine here

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