Headache again

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My head is aching again but aside of that I wrote three blogs, I am not planning to blog today but I can’t remove it from my system. The reason of my head ache, skipping meal, my eyes or lack of sleep. Either of the three or all of the above. We wake up early today as early as 9:20 in the morning, we went to the bank so hubby can pay the agent in China that will going to take care our visa in North Korea, after one hour its done but I can’t return to sleep even I want too. I just keep rolling in top of the bed, I ate around one o’clock in the afternoon, noodles for my brunch then piece of apple at 4:30 and a small of pack of ready made spaghetti at five o’clock something then gym at 7:30. I am not eating properly that makes me feel weak and I am over using the computer, 12-14 hours a day is not healthy anymore.

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