Hello Kitty Case

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Anyway I have bought this Hello Kitty case upon arriving in the bus terminal , I always see this in the  terminal pharmacy and I always want to buy these case, but I don’t how to ask “how much”. When I came near the pharmacy yesterday I’ve seen a tag price so I bought one without knowledge what is inside.

When I reached home I removed the plastic and opened it and these what I have found (below). I don’t  know what are they, Pookie bear says it might be candies because there’s cal short for calories in the case. But as I looked in the tablets there’s 1000mg written plus they are manufactured by health companies. I don’t wanna eat/take them in to my body without knowing what is it, who knows it might be a medicine for something.

I have tried my best to search for it, like Hello Kitty candies, case and etc.,I have also search for the health company but I cannot find this product on there archives and I can’t find any thing that resemble what I have bought online. I also want the words to be translated but  I almost lost my hope, my plan is just to throw the tablets because all I have wanted is the case.

So the wise me search for the Korean words online, like the letters written on the case, bit by bit I have found them. This Korean words 헬로키티 means HELLO KITTY but I have a serious problem with second word so I have search for a virtual Korean keyboard online and the problem I don’t know what is consonant and vowels, I just experiment on the Korean letter and finally learn how to have this letter 티비타  when I translate it on Google it says Eoltibita darn I don’t know what does it means just lucky that google corrected it and says Did you mean: 멀티비타 so I clicked it and the result MULTI VITA, in short it is a multi-vitamins. I had a mistake with the consonant I written instead of  멀.  Thanks to Google everything is possible on language barrier!

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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    thanks to google hehe. Btw, i deleted the adgitize widget pala its fine now 🙂

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