High-cut pink

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It was been a long time since I got an entry in Pink Meme,and today I try hard to look for something pink in my vault of pictures, luckily I encounter this picture (this is me when I was younger) I mean this is my younger sister in her new pink shoes. It was taken last June before I left the Island of Romblon, Philippines. My mother and I bought this in Baclaran, we really look for this pair of shoes because my sister requested it as “pasalubong” so even the sun was so hot we patiently look for a pink one and this kind of shoes (high -cut). I can’t remember how much is it but the price ranges from P300-P400. It was so hard to look for a pink one because this shoes was just new trend that time.

Yay, the blouse is also a pink one ah, its from Natasha one of my favorite blouse.
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4 Responses to “High-cut pink”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    wow! is that pink converse? cute*

  2. hyanne says:

    haha, converse pala tawag d2 nakalimutan ko kc kaya high cut tawag ko…lols …tnx ateh ..toinkz

  3. Sweetmom says:

    wow! i love that pink converse! so girly:-)

    Thanks for joining i love pink!

  4. Riza says:

    I like the shoes! She looks dainty with pink too, and yes I agree it looks girly on her.

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