Home-Based Business: Buying and Selling

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Buy and sell business is profitable if you have loyal customers who know how to pay without giving you a severe headache when their due date for payment came.

When the internet connection is good, browsing on shopping portals online became my habit since the products were loaded immediately.  A week ago, while looking for dresses I have found a sale on clothing and  I have informed my mother about it, and I was told if I have budget for it I could buy few and we could sell them in higher price. So I have ordered 8 short dresses to start with, when they arrived the other day, my mother and sister brought them to prospected client, three of the dresses where immediately taken and another one were taken separately so there is still four dresses in our care, hopefully we could sell them too.

F.101 Short Dresses

The dresses were not bought as cash by the people who took them; they are one month to pay so I have to wait a month before I could get the payments. I have been planning to do buy and sell business when I have enough capital to start with it because I cannot forever depend on my father’s care since working online isn’t good anymore, lots of bloggers copied me too for being a link broker so the trade is really slow.

My mother suggested that buying and selling appliances, gadgets and other electronic devices will be profitable since most consumers wanted to own this things, but I need ample amount of money to start on that trade, all I can do right now is to sell few dresses in affordable amount and hopefully it works well without being copied by our neighbors.

Well, maybe if I got lucky and won in a lottery I will be able to build a clothes and beauty products shop in front of our house, since my Uncle has no plan yet to use his lot.

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