Homemade Cat Food

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Unlike most cat owners in the West cats are feed with cat food while South East Asian countries like Philippines most domestic cats are feed on what the cat owners are eating, like rice and fish. Sometimes our cats doesn’t eat what’s on their food bowl especially when it is too wet or dry and there’s no flavor on it. They eat a lot when there’s fish taste on their food, I have read online that cats in general are very fussy eaters like human they also have their own taste and likes.

That’s why it is difficult for cat owners to find a food that is nutritionally balanced and approved by your cat. The foods with the best palatability are those that do not contain artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. Unfortunately many commercially prepared pet foods contain these unnecessary ingredients, therefore be sure to check the labels carefully to avoid these foods.

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  1. haze says:

    And maltreated it sometimes too. Poor animals in our country isn’t it? Here’s it’s like a child, they have their own food and even take them to the Vet for regular check-up.

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