How an E-Collar Makes Dog Training Easier

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Training a dog can be a difficult and arduous process. Dogs are wonderful pets that are affectionate and fun-loving, but they also like to test boundaries to see what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are unacceptable. In order to properly train a dog to understand what behaviors are unwanted, immediate correction is necessary. This is difficult to accomplish, as sometimes a behavior occurs unexpectedly or out of reach. Using an e collar can help alleviate this problem, and e-collar training for dogs has been proven to be a very effective training method for correcting negative behaviors while reinforcing positive ones.

How Electronic Collars Work

The collars work by utilizing three basic components: a remote transmitter, collar probes and a collar receiver. The transmitter sends a signal to the collar’s receiver, which in turn directs an electrical impulse through the collar’s probes to the dog’s skin. The dog senses this electrical stimulus, and immediately ceases engaging in the unwanted behavior. The collars are adjustable, so the amount of impulse the dog receives can be dictated by the trainer. Most trainers use the lowest setting, as they have found that even a minimal impulse will result in the desired effect.

Dog E-collar

Why Training Collars Make Training Easier

Because training collars allow for immediate correction to be made, they are among the most efficient training tools available. They must be used properly, and if an individual has never before used one, it may be best to conduct thorough research or to consult a professional before trying to use one of these collars. If a dog has already mastered some very basic commands, it is probably ready to be introduced to the electronic collar. The collar should be worn by the dog several times before any training begins, and when it does, sessions should remain very brief, no longer than 15 minutes. Dogs seem to respond better to this repetitive style of training. Once training has begun, the collar can be used to reinforce positive behaviors, and also to correct negative and undesirable behaviors.

Are These Collars Humane?

One of the most common concerns about the electronic collar is the debate as to whether it is humane to use on dogs. The simple fact is that the collar is not harmful or painful to the dogs who wear them. The stimulus that is delivered through the collar is very similar to the shock felt from static electricity: Uncomfortable, but not painful or harmful. In fact, most dogs enjoy wearing their collars, because they associate the collar with training, and successful training results in rewards and positive reinforcement. In short, there should be no concern with regard to the use of these collars.

Dog e-collar

Electronic collars are incredibly useful and effective. When used appropriately, they can result in quick and easy training sessions that help dogs understand how to behave correctly. With the ability to instantly correct unwanted behavior without causing the dog any pain, it is no surprise that this is a popular training tool among professional dog trainers. This simple and effective training method is a smart choice for any dog owner who desires to have a well-behaved and obedient dog.

Jack Bonafacio is an expert dog trainer and has close to a decade of dog training experience, having worked with many different breeds.

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