How to Cook Pancit Bihon

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Nothing else to do today I decided to cook in the kitchen, I cooked pancit for the first time. I got the bihon  from Philippines it is one of the thing I requested from my mother to send here few months ago.

Cooking pancit is very easy. I just learned it from watching, when there’s an affair in our family circle expect me in the kitchen helping on washing dishes or chopping garlic and onions. So I learned few menu to cook,

My ingrediets:

  • Bihon, chicken, carrots, cabbage, soy sauce, oil, garlic, onion, water, black pepper and seasoning


  • Rinse pansit bihon with water and drain it.
  • Saute the garlic and onion in a small amount of oil
  • Add the chicken strips and cook it until brown
  • Add water and soy sauce, let it boil
  • Then add the pancit bihon, let it simmer and stir it to loosen the noodles
  • Add the carrot, cabbage and baguio beans (if available) when the pancit  bihon is almost dry, black pepper
  • Cooked for few minutes but don’t overcooked it
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