How to Truly Offer Thanksgiving

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It’s second Sunday of thanksgiving month, I have thought I will not be able to go to church today because my younger sister and mother went to town to shop for vegetables that our father could carry on his workplace since he said things were expensive over there and then my father went to the field, I was left alone at home and I could not live the house empty. Gladly,  my mother and younger sister came on time the Sunday school was just finished and the Sunday service was just about to start so I immediately put on my jeans and blouse and left. I’ve already prepared while they are away so all I need when they came home is to get dress.

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When you need, God knows.
When you ask, God listens.
When you believe, God works.
When you thank, God gives more.

The topic this Sunday is about Thanksgiving, and it was said that the first mention of thanksgiving is found in Leviticus 7:12. Thanksgiving offering must be given voluntarily, in your own free will, private and there should be no regrets and hesitation. To be thankful to God we first must believe in Him and accept the truth that all things come from Him, our life, the earth and all the blessings we are enjoying everyday. We can show our gratitude to God by proclaiming God’s greatest and praise to others, through public worship services and testimonies of God’s faithfulness and goodness and through giving offerings to the Lord.

The scripture reading this Sunday is in book of Psalms 192: 1-6, it was written by David, it was said that the David has great achievement but he also face failure and trials before he became victorious.

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