I am fascinated with dolls

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I am just fascinated with dolls…what the heck when I am already old and I am into dolls? When I was young never played with a lot of dolls, I had one barbie doll but a cousin of mine bite the feet of it makes it invalid, a disable doll. I also had two little dolls after it a present from a relative who worked abroad mother side when they visit on my grandparent’s house in Tarlac we stayed there when I was young. Never play with them, my mother says I need to take care of them because they are from abroad means original so I am just contented looking at them on display (lol). I was able to play with them, sew clothes and give them a bath when the clothes of the barbie tear off because of being stocked for a long time that was the time my mother allow me to removed them from their place. But after it they remain on display again and waiting for someone to play with them.
When we still lived in my mother’s hometown my toys are cars and water guns. My grand father bought them for me as what I requested because most of the old kids are boys, and me a copy cat want to have a car, gun and kite too. Lol!  Anyway I would love to collect dolls when money permits me, lol. Below are photo taken in our favorite Chinese restaurant here in our place, favorite because we always ordered some food there when we like to eat Chinese. I also have my own Chinese doll, got it as souvenir when we went to China. You can take a peep on how it looks like here.
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5 Responses to “I am fascinated with dolls”

  1. Kim, USA says:

    Those are pretty!

  2. Mel Cole says:

    Oooh, I love seeing your darling dolls here! :~)Hope you in my Blue Monday post here

  3. SmilingSally says:

    My SIL collects dolls. They make a lovely collection.

    Happy Blue Monday, Ryheanne.

  4. Donnie says:

    Love your blue photo. She is dressed in a bright color blue. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. Josie says:

    wow that's pretty, we never have that kind of dolls, I only saw them when we visited some friends' homes

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