I feel so Blessed Today

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When I woke up today to cook my husband’s breakfast, he ask me if my earrings broke up. I was startled, and touch my ears all I found is a tiny gold metal, his holding some stones, beads or what do you call those tiny stones in an earring. I wonder where are the other tiny little pink stones, I directly went to the fridge to get the big container of kimchi, I don’t know what’s on my mind but I dropped the container on the floor. Just so lucky that the container’s lid did not open but was so unfortunate that the container broke up  that makes a little hole, the liquid from the kimchi was scattered on the floor. I feel nervous that time thinking what’s happening in the Philippines, am I paranoid?

I just washed the big container and put in our recyclable stuffs so we can throw it when the bag is full,  then transfer the remaining kimchi in a smaller container. After my husband meal we are ready to go to the bank, he is going to send savings abroad. I am already in the outside when I remember I just brushed my teeth and never drink any glass of water so I returned inside our house while hubby’s still looking for something. It took us so long inside the bank, going home hubby run when he saw the FedEX big delivery truck in front of our apartment, the delivery guy was going to paste a sticker to our door when we arrived, we’re still on time huh? It’s hubby new credit card, because his credit card number was stolen for the second time (lol).

When hubby left for work after one hour, I just sipped a cup of coffee and no more. My mother and sister was online so we talked and I told her that Xoom already bid goodbye to Paypal so there’s no other way that I can send my online earnings home. I have asked them if they could register at LBP iAccess, because I believed you can see your statement account online, because we need to know how much  was the amount of  the two small deposits paypal account has sent a month ago. So they did, luckily my guess was right you can see your statement of account, deposit, withdrawal and etc., unfortunately the date were looking for that paypal sent two small deposits has only amount on it. So it’s a bit confusing, what I did I divided it to two so I logged in to paypal and submit the result of my decision or whatever you called that. OMG, the paypal account was verified and I was so terrified with it because I can’t believed that I submit a correct answer. Who knows that maybe paypal sent two different small amount, right?  So I was really happy that time, it’s a burden that was out of me.

Days going smoothly my new friend Catlaine and I had a little chat or whole day chat (lol), we’re so funny while busy looking for more earning opportunities online, when I log-in to my account I found out that there’s some comment on my blog “It’s not Just A Blog” I really make sure that google will notify me if ever I have comment on that site because I always foresee them especially when Ateh Pink left some marks on my comment box (hehehe).

One of the comment was from Genebei, telling me to check a link because I won $20, I was shocked, surprised, triggered, terrified, amazed whatsoever you called that feeling that I can’t explain, because I never expected that I am going to won or be included to the lucky winners, the contest was Kaye & Pephot Blogversary Contest, I have seen that contest every time I did blog hopping but I really did not care to join because I don’t think I can make it,  reviewing some sponsor’s blog and posting comments everyday, you know I am typed of person who’s to lazy to comment when I don’t feel like doing it. But Genebei do me a favor, so in return I do the same to her that’s being her referral on the contest in order her to gain more points , being a referral I also became one of the contestant or the other term. After doing it I have  found out that she already left some invitation on my Travel Blog a night/day ago.,

So I never expected anything about the contest, never know that the contest had already ended and there’s already a winner including me, if not from Genebei I wouldn’t know that I won (lol).

Just wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to God for the blessings, to  Genebei, if not to you I wouldn’t win and to Ms. Kaye & Ms. Pephot (I wonder what’s her real name but I call her Mr. on my email , what an ignorant I am) for hosting a big contest like that. Thank you for sharing your blessings, May God Bless you both always. Anyway first prices was $200….so big for a small earner like me.

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