Ice Cream Cake

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Right now I am suffering from sweet rashes on my gum and it is painful to eat. It started two days ago, I am craving for ice cream the other day but lazy me wouldn’t like to got out and buy one. I am able to survived my craving for one day but the next day I can’t resists it anymore my husband keep teasing me with the word ice cream and I keep hearing ice cream on the TV show he is watching, imagine the torture. So I went out instead of buying ice big container of ice cream I got parfait, ice cream in the sticks and chocolate oreo ice cream one of my favorite. I ate them just on one night, lol.

The next evening I feel a familiar craving again so I went out and buy this ice cream in the stick which I called ice cream cake, it really tasted good on my tongue it has dairy,  chocolate chips and a caramel syrup in the center. On my first pack I already felt something strange on my mouth, it felt sore every time I had a bite. As much as I want to stop eating I can’t so I keep eating until I ate the last pack but I am extra careful though, I have to eat on the side of my mouth being careful not to touch the sweet rashes on my gums.

Tonight I am craving for more but no matter how I like it I can’t have it. I have to wait until the sweet rashes on my gums left and have to wait until I have more money to spend, I spend all my coins last night. Oh by the way this ice cream cake it buy 2 take 2 so it is really addicting.

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