I’m back!

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Hi everyone, just arrived last Sunday from our trip. Been relaxing in the last two days, sleeping and do some laundry because we had a lot of dirty clothes from the trip.  The trip was so thrilling and full excitement, it is  one of the trips I could not forget. We had so much fun with our two local guides, they’re so friendly and kind. I love the food and the place, so green. Fresh air and fresh food.
On our trip I have experienced some rides that almost kill me on fear. Haha, what I mean some fun rides in an amusement park like free fall, roller coaster and some rides that I don’t know the names. My eyes are all close during the entire rides, funny. 
I am going to blog tomorrow on my travel blog about the place we have visited so don’t forget to check it out.

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  1. Ruth says:

    beautiful! this year, summer in Bangalore is full of rain and cold most of the days..:)

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