Incheon Airport Oceanside Hotel

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Our flight doesn’t leave until the next day so we stayed at Incheon Airport Oceanside Hotel to try another place to stay near the airport, they picked us up in the airport after we asked the information to call them for pickup. We waited for few minutes, and to cut the story short we just dropped our bags after we check-in and took the things I want to send home, they also called a taxi for us back to the airport and from the airport we took the express train to Seoul station and then to Hyehwa to drop my things in the LBC office.

Oceanside Hotel, Incheon

[This is how our hotel room looks like after I just threw my things out of my bag, to get the stuff I have to mail home before our flight]

The hotel is quite nice with a good design and wooden theme, even the elevator is made of wood.  The hotel says they are 8 minutes from the airport but I think it is about 12-15 minutes from the airport. The wifi in the room given to us is not plugged in or ready to use, we have to tinker it so we could use the wifi. On my point of view, hotel staff in the lobby are fine but not that nice like the previous airport hotel we stayed in.

We are both busy surfing the net when one hotel staff knocked in our door to asked if we have a child in the room because one of their guest complain that it was loud in our floor. We said no, because my husband and I was the only occupant in the room and when we check-in the guy was the one who received us in the lobby so we just shook are head of disbelief of him not remembering it, although I am little scared because before the guy knocked in our door the motion sensor light turn on while both my husband and I is in our bed and surfing the net (ghost?).

One of the classic thing in the room is, it has a sink, a sink in the bedroom just beside the sofa seen in the above picture.

Furthermore the hotel is near a convenient store and some barbecue place, if you want a quiet place to relax before your flight booking at Oceanside Hotel is a good idea.

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