Insect Bites, Itchy Skin and Treatment

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These past few months I have been scratching my skin, it is really disturbing but I can’t stop it. I’ve suspected this tiny bumps where cause by tiny ants brought by the wet season, but it is not frequently raining anymore and I am still scratching from left to right. I don’t want to think worst but maybe my problem is not insect bites anymore, maybe it is already psychologically (lol). I can’t stop myself scratching especially when I have nothing else to do or while I am thinking something; I already cut my fingernails so the scratch won’t be infected.

Anyway, that is kind of worst thinking but I am not the only one being affected at home, so I still believed the itchy tiny red hard bumps in my skin were brought by insects from the rice fields since the grains are being harvested, having mentioned of being harvested there is a possibility too that they were from the dust of grains being winnowed, or maybe from birds that always lingering in our roof top or maybe from our cats who frequently stay inside our home and even sit in my lap or sleep beside me but the thing is I bath these cats from time to time. The more I look at my skin, it looks like hives but I don’t know where am I allergic, maybe to our shampoo, laundry soap,  food I ate or maybe it is really from the dust of the grains from the field.

Insect Bite Cream Philippines

The other night, I can’t take it anymore so I have asked my mother and sister to drive me to town so I could buy ointment for itching and insect bites. Since I have no more extra money next time so I bought two sachets right away for ₱36.00 each ($0.94). The cream wasn’t good at my skin itch but with ant bites it works fine, I have to apply many times before the itchiness subsides. Maybe the insect bite cream I have bought from Europe will be more effective but too bad it wasn’t available here.  Together with the Calmoseptine cream I also use coconut oil to treat my skin itch.

Well, having an itchy skin is really an irritating and uncontrollable sensation that makes me want to scratch to relieve the feeling and I know it wasn’t good at all to scratch my skin because it may  result to infected wound and leave marks to my skin but it is hard to stop.

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