Instant Adobo

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There are times when I can’t be disturbed I just dropped the pork in the frying pan and let it fried on its own oil instead of cooking adobo which I need to peel and chopped  potato as well garlic and onion. The easiest way for me to have adobo as my meal for the day is pour a drop of oil and soy sauce on my hot rice and mixed it. Simple isn’t it?


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4 Responses to “Instant Adobo”

  1. alam mo solved na din ako kahit tuyo nga lang eh, ok na hehehe. Tung una mantika tapos butangan ug tuyo kalami maski kana lang ay solve na solve hehehe

  2. Plus.. magic sarap… hahahah… solved.. + Coke pa… dropping by maganda! Howdy?

  3. Ilma says:

    package even suggests direnffet ways of cooking it, depending on how you like your adobo flakes. There’s a saucy version, a crispy version, and a few more ways that’s more convenient.@toniBut it is! ^_^;;@abbyAdobo. THE definitive pinoy dish.@anivylThanks! I’m still thinking about whether I’m up to the challenge.

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