Joven – mother cat

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Hi everyone, its Friday  and lets be fluffy today. This is Snipey once again, as what I have said the other day, I am going to introduced my family. I am going to start with my Mom, her name is Joven (boy’s name again). She looks great with a yellow, white and black hair and big shiny eyes. I already miss her…
This is her favorite place in top of the DVD’s, when sometimes  some of them fell down the floor.

She loves to close her eyes, like a sleepy cat.

She loves us so much.
And who are these two (below), they are my younger siblings. The orange one was given to Ryanne’s cousin, maybe because we are too many in the house. She is Jan Di, the tiger one was Jun Pyo. 
Like what I have said on the start I missed Mom so much because I can’t see her anymore, she already left us and went to somewhere I don’t know. Just one day we found Jun Pyo dead on the box, my little baby brother and after few days our Mom died. She shiver and then goodbye, it looks like she was poisoned eating something. It feels sad, I silently cried…
See you again on Friday!

2 Responses to “Joven – mother cat”

  1. Vernz says:

    wawa naman …. LOL…. we don't have fluffy pets at home kasi hikain mag pipol dito … hehehe..

  2. Sara Katt says:

    What a terribly sad story! I am crying for you! I am ten years old and I still have my mother cat! Yes, it is unusual, but you are too young to loose your mother like that.

    Sara Cat

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