Juan Tamad and the guava tree

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Second day to blog once again, you know the tale of Lazy John? If you don’t know I am just going to tell a little part of the story..,

…When Lazy John or commonly known as Juan Tamad in Philippines comes upon a guava tree bearing ripe fruit. Being too lazy to climb the tree and take the fruit, he instead decides to lie beneath the tree and let gravity do its work. There he remained, waiting for the fruit to fall into his gaping mouth but the bird  eat the ripe guava before it fall to Juan Tamad’s open mouth…

 Anyway this is not guava fruit but a pomegranate,  a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree growing to between five and eight meters tall. It is mostly native to the Iranian Plateau and India. It has been cultivated in the Caucasus since ancient times. It is widely cultivated throughout Iran, Afghanistan, India and other neighboring country.
I don’t know what kind of flower is this (below) it looks like aslip fruit.


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  1. Vernz says:

    bayabas lang alam ko… yng iba. ano yan makupa..lol.. HI,, Ry.. dropping by for RT.

  2. chubskulit says:

    Juan Tamad lol, di ko rin alam yang pangalAWA.

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