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The other night after school my husband met a recruiter in Seonjong Station, for a job interview in Gimpo. Well the offer is good, free apartment, return airfare, one month extra if you finished the contract and etc.,
He arrived already late, I was bit worried that time. He told me, he also got a demonstration that’s why he took so long. Haha, when I opened his bag he has a “pasalubong” for me. As usual it is times 2, I just shoot a photo of my share. Hmmm… just a thought, frequently he have something for me when he arrived home, the other night a box of cake and etc.,
Anyway our visa here in Korea is going to expire soon as my husband contract going to end soon too. Well if he can’t find a job, I have to go home to Philippines.

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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    san ba talaga nakabase ang hubby mo?

    english teacher sya?

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