Just an update about me

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What’s new? Nothing aside from I had an allowance increased this week. Lol, Pookie bear probably noticed how busy I am in cooking, it is not that big but a little something is better than nothing. Plus we have a gym schedule during weekends that makes my online schedule cluttered, being  busy makes me feel lazy in blogging and find a new way to entertain myself by watching TV shows to relax my tired mind and body. I know I need to stop this if I want to earn money online and grab more opportunities on article writing  which I seldom have. Anyway I already done the first step today instead of watching more episodes I decided to watch the ending today, so if yesterday I just peep now I watch it totally so for sure I am done with it. 
I am sorry friends for not visiting you actively these past few days I am still working on my new schedule, teheee.
Guess what I found today when I weigh myself? Waaahhh, I gained over 2 kilos, it is depressing and I want to be serious going to gym starting this weekend if I want to wear my clothes without ripping them. Huhuhu

3 Responses to “Just an update about me”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Wahhh kala ko pa naman you lost weight na kasi you are working out lol, too much kimchi siguro hahaha..

  2. chubskulit says:

    Bat di ka magturo ng english dyan Ryh.. Nung andyan ako may studyante ako, sayang naman kasi 20 dollars an hour din yan.. am sure madami dyan gusto magpatutor..

  3. RyHeAnNe says:

    Di nga ako serious working out Ate parang wala lang haha, eh ngaun kailangan ko na talaga magpapawis, saka paano naman kasi ako papayat..eh bandehado ang gamit kong pinggan hehehe..

    Naks wala akong confidence to teach Ate Rose plus I am not good enough in English ..:-)..

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