Just eat and play

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I feel sad today because my account was suspended in Mylikes, I am waiting for my $8.10 pay-out but when I log-in to my account I have found out it was suspended…(Waaaaahhhhhhhhh). Don’t know what is my violation, well I am not using a fake account or asking my friends to click the sponsor ads…I guess maybe for over tweeting the sponsor ads (lol). When your sad food trip is the answer…this is my photo below holding one of my favorite junk foods (lol)..it was taken the other day. Until now I am still eating it because I cannot  it eat in just one day, too big! 

Hubby and I were like kids over an ice cream , he is asking me what flavor I like then he is going to eat it (huhuhu). I just ate two pieces but when I look inside the fridge only few was left, so I told him he is unfair (lol), well he promised me we are going to buy again later.
As I have said my body is sore from working out, guess what I fell down the bed…pain added to injury. How did I fell? Hubby and I is playing “bunong braso” (hand wrestling?) I want to win so I keep tickling him  and guess what happened we never know that I am already in the edge of the bed so I fell…huhuhu

3 Responses to “Just eat and play”

  1. Sweetmom says:

    hmmm…mukhang masarap yang junk food na yan ha? tulungan kitang ubusin nyan gusto mo? hihi…
    sis ganyan din ako minsan pag nagkukulitan kami ni hubby, minsan naiinjury rin ako haha:-)

    btw i got new I Love Pink Button,Please grab po, Thanks…xoxoxo

  2. Mrs. Kolca says:

    haha.. kakatuwa naman kayo.. away bata sa ice cream may bunong braso pa.. dapat ganyan kay lagi to keep the love burning.. may spices ba.. kelan pala ang schedule ng baby? baket parang wala pa? πŸ™‚

  3. RyHeAnNe says:

    @ Sweetmom: Hehe, Oishi lang po yan jan sa Pinas…sure I need help nga sa food Ateh..sisimangot na naman kc c hubby kapag garbage bin ang nakinabang (loL)…

    @ Mrs. Kolca: Haist lagi naman ako talo Ateh..thanks sa advice (hihihi)…matagal pa yon after 10 year pa siguro (lol)

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